Coda Deserves Kudos

Coda, the new all-in-one web development application from Panic, promises a lot. So much, in fact, that I doubted it could deliver. Combining my text editor, file browser/organizer, terminal, SFTP, and reference all into one is a tall order. To their credit, Panic doesn’t claim to have the best of every individual function, only thatContinue reading “Coda Deserves Kudos”

Successful Windows Onecare Cancellation

In relation to this post on cancelling Windows Onecare, I was finally able to cancel my account by calling Microsoft at 1-866-672-4551. I spoke with a man who sounded like a robot. (No, seriously). Within 5 minutes my account was cancelled, I received a confirmation e-mail and will get a refund to my Amex. WhyContinue reading “Successful Windows Onecare Cancellation”

How to Describe Monetary Policy

…I was browsing around the internets and came across the Bank of England’s site, which nicely sums up its mission: The Bank sets interest rates to keep inflation low, issues banknotes and works to maintain a stable financial system. As opposed to the Federal Reserve: The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States,Continue reading “How to Describe Monetary Policy”

The Gasoline vs. Evian Canard

I’ve lately been annoyed by a bunch of folks who have been comparing the cost per gallon of gasoline to the cost per gallon of other items. While I respect the attempt at reducing consumption, especially around Earth Day, I think the comparison is more than vaguely misleading. Let’s be realistic here – the costContinue reading “The Gasoline vs. Evian Canard”

A Short Post on Kurt Vonnegut’s Passing

When Kurt Vonnegut passed away last week, I was in the midst of traveling up the coast to Bethlehem and then New York. I wanted to reflect on it a bit, but still haven’t had the time. I do wish I had the time for proper reflection, because I remember well Vonnegut’s speech at graduationContinue reading “A Short Post on Kurt Vonnegut’s Passing”

Ways to Foil International Diplomacy

One way to foil international diplomacy? Stop reading your mail: Case in point: One the night of January 25, 1995, Boris Yeltsin found himself dusting off the old Cold War-era nuclear command briefcase when an early warning radar station detected a missile rising out of the Norwegian Sea and heading for Russia. Several tense, finger-on-the-triggerContinue reading “Ways to Foil International Diplomacy”