Google Desktop for Mac

The launch of Google Desktop for Mac reminds me to begin an experiment I’ve been wanting to run for a while now. As much as people applaud, I’ve never liked it. I’m a recent switcher and I’m forced to use Outlook 2003 at work, so that might contribute, but I just don’t think I will get used to

So, for the next month I’m switching solely to Gmail, using Google Desktop and Notifier to keep me connected via my Macbook. I think it will actually be a big usability improvement for me as I’ll have a single integrated view of my e-mail whether at home, on my Blackberry, or on my work PC.

3 thoughts on “Google Desktop for Mac

  1. Wayyyyy meaning 3 years!
    I have to look further into how to use GMail loader. I wasn’t in the mood to investigate last night.


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