Collect $200

Collect $200Several years ago, I had the good fortune to work at the Banana Factory, an incredibly cool art center in Bethlehem. While there, I had the even better fortune of meeting my friend Ann. Her work has always captured my interest and imagination, so I’ve always known that when I purchased my first piece of original art, it would be signed “Schlegel” in the corner.
Recently, I accomplished my goal and purchased “Collect $200,” one of several “Paintings a Day” focused on the classic Monopoly board. I read Ann’s Painting Each Day blog both to admire her work and read the stories behind each piece.
So, why now? I was drawn to this painting because the idea of wealth and fame is juxtaposed against the “poor house” right around the corner. One moment we’re paying for luxuries, living the high life, collecting big money, but the next roll of the dice could bring us back to where we started. We’re all out there to “Collect $200,” and this painting reflects that, but it’s an ample reminder that we never know what lies ahead.
Thanks, Ann!

2 thoughts on “Collect $200

  1. Greg, what beautiful writing skills. We’re very proud of you and are very happy for your leading this exciting life!
    So glad to have a ‘Schlegel’ be the first in your collection.
    Thank you again and as always, best wishes in all that you do.
    With kindest regards,


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