The Gasoline vs. Evian Canard

I’ve lately been annoyed by a bunch of folks who have been comparing the cost per gallon of gasoline to the cost per gallon of other items. While I respect the attempt at reducing consumption, especially around Earth Day, I think the comparison is more than vaguely misleading.
Let’s be realistic here – the cost of something is related to the amount of consumption. The more people require of a substance, the easier and cheaper it becomes to obtain. It doesn’t help anyone to compare the cost of Evian to gasoline, because we don’t consume the same amounts for even remotely similar purposes. I don’t care that Evian is $6.40 per gallon. What is that supposed to prove? That gasoline is too cheap? Of course it is!
But, regardless of the monetary value of gasoline, our entire lifestyle and economy is based on the mobility it provides in some ways easy to quantify and others tough to fathom. This isn’t true of Evian bottled water or Folger’s coffee grounds, so frankly the comparison isn’t applicable. But nice try.

2 thoughts on “The Gasoline vs. Evian Canard

  1. A lot of people don’t realize that the cost of something is related to the amount of consumption.
    This is illustrated when people say “oh, I wish they would stop sending me junk mail all this time. Postage would be a lot cheaper if the post office quit sending all this garbage”
    also, Gasoline is the only price I’ve had to adjust on that list in the last four years.


  2. That’s fair – most people don’t understand the link between cost and consumption.
    And it’s interesting to note that gasoline is the only price you’ve had to change in four years. Has general CPI inflation not had any effect? Just wondering.
    Also, I hope you don’t think I was picking on your site in particular. I’m not really taken by the comparisons, but yours isn’t the only one out there.


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