Dramatic Imagery, Part 2…

Following up on this post about dramatic photography, I noticed that Kottke has written about the famous photograph “Migrant Mother.” It too is part fiction – the mother pictured was not a recent migrant in 1935, but had instead been living in California for nearly 10 years. (Also, I have a weird deja vu feelingContinue reading “Dramatic Imagery, Part 2…”

Media Ownership: Who Owns What…Right Now and Next Year

Mark Potts found a great list of who owns the top 20 newspapers in the country. 1. USA Today … Gannett Co. 2. The Wall Street Journal … Dow Jones & Co. 3. The New York Times … New York Times Co. 4. Los Angeles Times … Tribune Co. 5. New York Post … NewsContinue reading “Media Ownership: Who Owns What…Right Now and Next Year”

Ciphers and Personal Assistants

I was looking for historical information on the first definition of “nomenclator” (the assistant to Roman Senators who whispered the names of approaching dignitaries) when I came across this: An interesting variant is the nomenclator. Named after the public official who announced the titles of visiting dignitaries, this cipher combined a small codebook with largeContinue reading “Ciphers and Personal Assistants”

Cheap Parking = Clogged Streets?

This strikes me as a convincing explanation for a big problem. Congestion would drop if prices on traffic meters and over-limit infractions rose. It’s simple, but a tough sell for local businesses in most places other than large cities (and perhaps there, too). I think back to when I lived in Bethlehem – business ownersContinue reading “Cheap Parking = Clogged Streets?”