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The Web Industry

A friend describing the web industry: “i feel like its a bunch of people wearing t shirts and blazers with thin glasses and tight jeans and coverse sneakers. trying to be ironic.”
me: “and I’m standing in the corner in nantucket reds and a polo – collar up, obvi.”

Does Ceiling Height Make Me Antsy at Work?

I saw this on Kottke the other day and it got me thinking about my office. The thesis is that ceiling heights affect a person’s thoughts, creativity, and emotions.
My job, while perhaps the most creative at my employer, is still a bit stifling for me. I get to explore, but only within a tightly limited sphere. Contrast that with my physical office, which is an open work-group style space (no cubicles, yay!) with 18-20 foot ceilings. Is my mind subconsciously rebelling against the boundaries of my job because the ceilings are so high? Hmmm…improbable but a fun explanation.

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