Movable Lanes

I had no idea this existed. There’s a machine that changes the lane configuration of the Roosevelt Bridge based on the time of day and traffic flow. It literally moves the concrete barriers an entire lane width. Cool!
Washington Post’s Answer Man has a video of this behemoth at work. (via Carl)
(Oddly, the “Share” button is disabled, so I can’t snag the code to put the video here. What’s up with that Post?)

iPhone Waiters

I was thinking the same thing, Jeff. With no one predicting any shortages in advance, why did people wait outside the stores?
In any case, I don’t plan on owning one. I may give the keyboard a spin to see how it feels, but anyone who’s seen me walking down the streets/hallways around the Capitol knows I’m a BlackBerry maniac. I don’t think I can give up the physical keyboard just yet.

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CNN Switching to Flash

A few months ago, I bemoaned CNN’s usage of it’s proprietary Pipeline player. I couldn’t share interesting news videos on my blog, and in general Windows Media format is a bit of a hassle to view on a Mac.
Well, they’ve changed their tune. The paid Pipeline service is going away, and they’re ditching Windows Media format as well! They’ll be switching to a Flash-based player, which I hope means they’ll allow sharing and posting to blogs, etc.

…once we built our new flash video experience in the Integrated Story presentation on, we realized that that was a better experience than even the Pipeline player for videos. There are no load times, no pop-up players, no changing software environment to worry about, and you can get more context for the story in an integrated way. In short, we could create a better news experience within than on any other site, and once that includes free live Pipeline content, our new site will be a game changer.

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