Open Sourced Feedburner?

Amid the requisite Web 2.0 backslapping, there are rumblings around the internets that folks are pissed about Google acquiring Feedburner. Well, not so much pissed at the acquisition as at the prospect of Google owning yet around piece of the puzzle. For some of my sites, Google handles the ads, the statistics, and now the RSS feeds; that *is* a lot of the puzzle.
The folks at AU Interactive say, quite simply, that you should “own as much as you can of what belongs to you.” They’re right.
What’s needed here is Feedburner-like software for webservers, much like OpenAds. Weird comparison you might say, but hear me out. OpenAds does a nice job of taking data from disparate sources and bringing it together to give site owners an additional layer of control. It works nicely with ad networks like Adsense and other big ad publishers, but gives site owners local ad serving and data on ad/network performance.
This is exactly the sort of software that’s needed for RSS feeds. It would install on webservers as easily as WordPress and operate in a subdirectory or subdomain of a website. The site owner could feed it RSS URLs from the site’s content management software in whatever native format that software wanted. The “open-source Feedburner” would untangle those formats and serve up a feed at a custom-generated URL. By directing users to that URL, the site owner would give the software the data it needed to generate statistics, serve ads, and perform the other more complex tasks that formerly attracted them to Feedburner.
This certainly isn’t the direction the web is going when it comes to serving small-to-midsize websites; most companies are, like Feedburner, choosing to offer “services” rather than products. But this would be a big step forward for site owners to take back their data from The Google.

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