No Code Monkeys

I met Amy Webb a year or so ago. She’s a bright, talented editor with an eye for new media projects. But unfortunately, I’m going to unsubscribe from her blog.
One thing that annoys me continually (and I told her this when I met her at the norgs unconference) is that she refers to programmers, software developers, technologists, or basically anyone with technical knowledge as “code monkeys.” I know she means it in an endearing way, but it’s really insulting and quite unprofessional.

2 thoughts on “No Code Monkeys

  1. Hey Greg… All of my friends in the coding and design world refer to themselves as code monkeys. I refer to myself as a code monkey… and I’ve recently taken to calling my fiancee a monkey. It may be an obsession, maybe it’s my now-dormant fascination with Mickey Dolenz (
    Anyhow, there’s not an ounce of offense intended. Only a term of endearment. Any chance I can lure you back to MyDigimedia???
    (Didn’t realize you’re in DC – I’m 20 miles up the road from you…)


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