See Sicko

I saw Sicko on Friday night. It’s fantastic and moving; I highly suggest you see it. As an amateur media watchdog (I see all sorts of their antics at work), I’ve been closely watching the debate between CNN and Michael Moore.
Here’s the first clip, where Moore (rightly!) attacks Wolf Blitzer, Sanjay Gupta, and CNN for their poor reporting of not only Sicko, but of the entire health care crisis:

Moore agreed to do an unedited follow-up interview that CNN aired on the next day’s edition of The Situation Room.* The second half of the interview plays like the first half should have. It’s a bit more in depth and really talks about Moore’s motivations and decisions in the film-making process. If only CNN were like this all the time, they might have better ratings:

* CNN advertised this show with door hangers that say “Don’t Interrupt: I’m in the Situation Room.” Ha! Please, does anyone consider Wolf Blitzer essential viewing?

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