Nightlife in Tokyo

(Check out my first post on arriving in Tokyo!) What can really be said about nightlife in Toyko? It’s absolutely ridiculous and like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! First of all, it’s huge. In Roppongi (the nightlife area frequented by foreigners…to mixed reviews) there are bars packed in every space possible. Tokyo builds out vertically,Continue reading “Nightlife in Tokyo”

WordPress 2.3 Database Error / Google Sitemaps Plugin

If after upgrading to WordPress 2.3 you’re getting database errors similar to SELECT cat_ID AS ID, MAX(post_modified) AS last_mod FROM `posts` p LEFT JOIN `post2cat` pc ON…, it might be because you’re using the Google Sitemaps Plugin. (That link wasn’t the exact problem I was having, but I recognized the SQL statements as being similar.)Continue reading “WordPress 2.3 Database Error / Google Sitemaps Plugin”

What Would Dan Rather Do With $70M?

Asked if he would settle for money: “Absolutely not. Not. No. Absolutely not.” More: “For me, it’s not about the money. It is about this principle of what we’re going to do with our democracy. … If the time comes that there’s money as a settlement, a substantial part of that will go to suchContinue reading “What Would Dan Rather Do With $70M?”

Clean Trains, Tokyo, and First Impressions

I promised that I’d blog to share some experiences from Japan, and since next week it will be a whole month since we returned, it’s past time! Land Ho! After 13 hours on the plane (direct Newark to Tokyo = super long!), I was dead tired of flight attendants and confined spaces, so land wasContinue reading “Clean Trains, Tokyo, and First Impressions”