YUI Grids Rocks

I finally found a few hours this weekend to play with YUI’s CSS component, and boy does it rock. Like a lot of folks in this business, I hesitated to “outsource” some of what I consider to be my work to an external entity, but I finally realized I don’t have the time or energy to neglect any tools that are already out there.
If you haven’t tried YUI already, you must. It handles the basics of CSS reset, layout, and positioning and lets you jump right into the project itself. YUI means less frustration and more time focusing on what’s important about your site, not perfecting the basics. It took a bit of time to get used to, but once I got it down it saved me oodles of time and frustration.
That said, I’ll be using YUI *a lot* more in future projects and as I move forward with some ongoing work. I’m also going to evaluate using it on the official website, but that might take a bit more time and work than I’ve got right now. I’m also going to consider using other YUI components, but I’m a big fan of jQuery.
(Hadn’t had my morning coffee yet and called jQuery Prototype…I like them both, but jQuery’s what I use most often.)

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