My BMW is for Sale

I keep forgetting to put this up here, but my impending move to New York means that I won’t need my car anymore. I’m looking to sell it in the local DC area. Here are the details:
* 2002 BMW 325i, Sapphire Blue, Grey Interior
* 2.5 liter engine, Steptronic automanual transmission. It’s wicked fast and ridiculously fun to drive.
* 71k miles, for me pretty much all highway driving between DC/PA/NY. ~33 mpg on the highway…not a guzzler.
* Premium Harman/Kardon stereo system.
* Power sun/moonroof.
* 8 way power seats with memory; heated seats.
* Premium package, sport package, cold weather package.
* Sport tires.
Basically the thing is loaded and is a fantastic car. I’ll miss having it, but just don’t need it anymore. Get in touch with me if you’re interested.
Here are some photos:

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Airdig (and invites!)

I got into the Airdig beta today (I suspect it’s fairly public by now). I’ve got a handful of invites. If you travel a lot and are interested, drop me a comment and I’ll send you an invite…but you’ve got to promise to let me know what you think. See, there’s a catch!
Of course, I just booked a bunch of tickets last week before I was on the site, but I’ll be traveling a lot and am looking forward to giving it a try.

Leopard and

Has anyone else experienced incompatibilities between Leopard and’s Scrobbler? Even after re-installing, I can’t get the scrobbler to start correctly. Instead, I get two copies – one works, one doesnt, and it won’t scrobble from my iPods anymore.
Any hints?
Update: Looks like (as expected) is on the case and working on fixing the issues. Though I have to say I agree with the “Is this what passes for professionalism in Web 2.0” comment (check the thread and you’ll understand).
Update II: This might fix things, but I’m not near a Mac to test right now.

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New Gmail

So I have a new version of Gmail (maybe everyone does?), but it really doesn’t seem all that different. Anyone know what the deal is?
Update: Ok, I spoke too soon. In addition to the new refinements, the address book is all new. (See this post.)
Update II: The new Gmail is, at best, underwhelming. Other than the new address book, I’m not seeing and productivity or workflow enhancements, which is what I’d hoped would come out. The UI is tighter and the whole product is much faster, both of which are welcome enhancements. But the changes seem to be merely cosmetic, and frankly I think that despite the fact that Gmail is a great product, it’s starting to show its age.
My number 1 feature request would be a “merge contacts” button so I could select 2-3 contacts that are actually a single person and merge them. Apple’s address book does this fairly well and it’s a heck of a useful feature when you’ve got thousands of contacts, some of which are clearly duplicates.
What’s your number 1 request for Gmail?

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