Leopard and Last.fm

Has anyone else experienced incompatibilities between Leopard and Last.fm’s Scrobbler? Even after re-installing Last.fm, I can’t get the scrobbler to start correctly. Instead, I get two copies – one works, one doesnt, and it won’t scrobble from my iPods anymore.
Any hints?
Update: Looks like (as expected) Last.fm is on the case and working on fixing the issues. Though I have to say I agree with the “Is this what passes for professionalism in Web 2.0” comment (check the Last.fm thread and you’ll understand).
Update II: This might fix things, but I’m not near a Mac to test right now.

3 thoughts on “Leopard and Last.fm

  1. I’m experiencing the same problem as well as far as the two copies problem. I can’t confirm anything about iPod scrobbling as I don’t have one; normal tracks I listen to in iTunes seem to scrobble just fine though. Hopefully it’s just a quick fix on their part.


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