My BMW is for Sale

I keep forgetting to put this up here, but my impending move to New York means that I won’t need my car anymore. I’m looking to sell it in the local DC area. Here are the details:
* 2002 BMW 325i, Sapphire Blue, Grey Interior
* 2.5 liter engine, Steptronic automanual transmission. It’s wicked fast and ridiculously fun to drive.
* 71k miles, for me pretty much all highway driving between DC/PA/NY. ~33 mpg on the highway…not a guzzler.
* Premium Harman/Kardon stereo system.
* Power sun/moonroof.
* 8 way power seats with memory; heated seats.
* Premium package, sport package, cold weather package.
* Sport tires.
Basically the thing is loaded and is a fantastic car. I’ll miss having it, but just don’t need it anymore. Get in touch with me if you’re interested.
Here are some photos:

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