Taking Out the Trash

Over the next month, I’m transitioning back to managing Keystone Politics and writing about politics. I’m very excited about the prospect of writing about politics again; it’s one of the things I’ve missed the most since finishing grad school and moving to Washington. Here’s a post I wrote about taking out the trash:

One big question I have this week is whether we’ll see any disposal of the proverbial “trash” – news that no one wanted to release last week or next because it is embarrassing to them.
In this business, one oft-used tool is to “throw out the trash” at a time when reporters and the public are paying the least attention. That generally happens in one of two ways. First, when the media and the public are too busy paying attention to something far more important than your garbage. Or, when they’re too busy worrying about themselves…a weekend or better yet, a holiday.

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