What’s Your Interaction Style?

Two of my favorite blogs are Employee Evolution and Brazen Careerist. Folks who know me won’t be surprised by my choice of reading; I’m a high-energy, high-pressure guy who (I’ve been told) works at a ridiculous pace and doesn’t like hearing the word no. I also admire the heck out of those guys for starting a business (which I’m about to do next month!).
Anyway, after reading this morning’s post I decided to take the Interaction Style quiz. Again, no surprise, but I’m an “Energizer”:

Open, upbeat, and outgoing. Enjoy a fast-paced environment and having fun. Like to share all information, especially “good news.” Can make quick decisions based on their “gut.” Always able to see the potential in situations. Diffuse conflict with humor. See the “big picture” and share vision effectively with others. Like working in teams. Enjoy competition.

Other than the gratuitous use of “quotes,” which I’m heavily opposed to, that sounds spot on. Oh, and there’s more on this results page, but you should take the test yourself. It’ll only take 5 minutes…or maybe that’s just me, since I make quick decisions based on my gut.

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