Adam’s Take on Kanazawa

I’m really glad that Adam is still committed to writing about our Japan trip earlier this year. My life has been a bit too nuts to focus on it, but it’s something I wish I could do. Anyway, here’s his take on Kanazawa: (Um, and look how sunburned I am!)

Matt and Greg in Kanazawa
I find this happens a lot here. We visit “historical” places, however they are all replicas built to the original spec on top of where the original once stood. To me seems very fake and kind of sad. How would one like to goto the Colosseum in Rome and see a perfect replica of what once stood there? seems completely wrong and thats is what we saw today.
Dinner was sushi which was very good even if we were not allowed to wit with the rest of the Japanese people, in our little section for “Americans” or “White people.”

I remember the discrimination as well, though it was often tough to determine whether it was out of politeness or malice. In this particular restaurant, I seem to remember us being seated in this room because it had western-style chairs, so I think our hosts were trying to make us more comfortable.

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