My Dream Veepstakes

Sometimes I write something and I’m not quite sure where to put it – this blog isn’t really about politics, but Keystone Politics should be about Pennsylvania. But in any case, take a look at My Dream Veepstakes:

The only way John McCain could make his candidacy even more boring
would be to add another white guy to the ticket. You know the type –
big fluffy “Trent Lott” hair, southern drawl, wears a flag lapel pin
and has memorized his favorite bible passages. Sure, another white guy
would probably add some desperately-needed Jesus power to the McCain
campaign, but c’mon! We’ve seen it all before!

So throw away
the white southerners, because it’d be way more fun to see Johnny Mac
pick Joe Lieberman. They’ve become best buds, after all. We haven’t
seen my favorite war hero plant a big ole’ kiss on Joe’s face yet, but
I think it’d make a great October Surprise.

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