Keystone Politics and Working With Constraints

Last weekend, I upgraded Keystone Politics with new software and put into place a plan for a new direction that I’ve been contemplating for a while. Why did I do this? After all, I had a profitable little home on the web. Keystone Politics will turn five this year. In that time, we covered twoContinue reading “Keystone Politics and Working With Constraints”

More on the FDIC and Bank Closures

From the Times: As a bank teeters, the F.D.I.C. swoops in virtually overnight and shifts as many good loans and deposits as possible to a healthy bank. The F.D.I.C. persuades the healthy bank to accept some of the bad loans by agreeing to take a share of certain future losses. What is left is aContinue reading “More on the FDIC and Bank Closures”

How’s Your Bank Doing? The FDIC’s Friday Closures

This will be old news to insiders, but someone was just telling me about Bauer Financial’s bank star ratings; they give a instant look at the health of local and regional banks. Take a look at Georgia (lots of bad banks) versus New York (relatively few bad banks). (no permalinks to those pages, so useContinue reading “How’s Your Bank Doing? The FDIC’s Friday Closures”

(Former) Sen. Norm Coleman – Low, Sure. But This Low?

Jonathan Chait explores the media’s disparate treatment of the Norm Coleman and Rod Blagojevich scandals: What, you say–Norm Coleman? Yes, Norm Coleman! Let me explain. The soon-to-be-former senator’s scandal is pretty simple. Nasser Kazeminy, a wealthy businessman and close Coleman friend, allegedly paid him $75,000 under the table. And by “allegedly,” I mean “almost certainly.”Continue reading “(Former) Sen. Norm Coleman – Low, Sure. But This Low?”

Sometimes I Start Something New – GovTechNerd

Despite the fact that I’m as busy as ever (or maybe busier), I’ve started something new. I think that the technology that powers democracy and civic life is something we should be talking about, and while I participate in discussions about it in other forums, I thought that GovTechNerd could be a good home forContinue reading “Sometimes I Start Something New – GovTechNerd”