Sometimes I Start Something New – GovTechNerd

Despite the fact that I’m as busy as ever (or maybe busier), I’ve started something new. I think that the technology that powers democracy and civic life is something we should be talking about, and while I participate in discussions about it in other forums, I thought that GovTechNerd could be a good home for some detailed tech-wonkery. Here’s why:

I’ve found that a lot of the discussion about information technology in
government is dominated by the big players out there – Microsoft, HP,
IBM, etc. Even if we consider that a 30,000 foot view (and I think it
would be incomplete if we did), there’s a level below that’s
interesting – how do citizens interact with government? How can we make
that better? And how can government do its job better? These are
sometimes policy questions, but as often as not they’re implementation

So this is a place for us to share our successes and our challenges at the local, state, and federal level.

So if you’re interested, I look forward to you joining me at GovTechNerd. It’s an open community where anyone can start a blog and contribute. Please do.

(PS – It’s also part of a bit of a personal realignment of priorities. I’ll be stepping back from Keystone Politics a bit; if you haven’t noticed already, I’m only the Tuesday-Thursday blogger now.)

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