User Experience is More Than Omnigraffle


I suspect that in order to embrace this opportunity, user experience
types will have to put down Visio and Omnigraffle and find other ways
to “deliver”. The most obvious next step is that we’ll need to be more
comfortable writing principles and guidelines, akin to Christian Crumlish’s recent piece for the ASIST Bulletin.

But, as designers, the distinct value we can bring is in
experiential tangibility, and it leads me to wonder, how, as a field,
can user experience folks best engage in the social media dialogue?
Because right now, it’s sadly dominated by douchebags who seem to think that social media = a sexy new form of marketing communications.

Do user experience professionals really think of it all as wireframes and diagrams? Because I don’t – I think of it as helping clients create superior customer experiences. That can mean writing content plans, re-thinking processes, engaging on social media, and any number of other things. It’s not all Omnigraffle.

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