Two Screens: T Magazine and Crucial Technologies

I take screenshots of good and bad user experiences all the time, so I’m trying out this new format for some posts. Every time I have two screenshots, I’ll post them. They don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other, though a theme might be fun in a future post. T MagazineThis is anContinue reading “Two Screens: T Magazine and Crucial Technologies”

User Experience and Building Trust: Amazon vs. Zappos

Great user experience is all about establishing trust, then continually strengthening it. In Susan’s case, Amazon broke her trust (literally): I quickly found what I wanted and ordered with “one click”. Two days later they arrive — each broken into little pieces.  Next I go online to let them know and get a refund. YouContinue reading “User Experience and Building Trust: Amazon vs. Zappos”

Keeping the Trains Running. Or, How I Manage This Business

So today is my one month anniversary of becoming a full-time independent business owner! I’m loving every second of it and I’m constantly inspired by the supportiveness of my friends, family, and the NY small business community. Beyond my immediate circle, I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the tools available to entrepreneurs. StartingContinue reading “Keeping the Trains Running. Or, How I Manage This Business”

Where’s the Debate, David? MTP Guests Obscure Health Care Debate

How can we have a real health care debate with half the country unrepresented? Ask David Gregory, because he certainly thinks nothing of it. Yesterday on Meet the Press, Gregory devoted the top half of the show to health care. Strangely, or not so strangely, not a single guest agreed with the roughly 50 percentContinue reading “Where’s the Debate, David? MTP Guests Obscure Health Care Debate”