Live Feed, News Feed? WTF? Explaining Facebook’s Big Changes

So you say you’re confused about Facebook’s new homepage changes? Me too – it’s confusing at first, but pretty easy to understand once you get the hang of it.

The Live Feed is the easier one to understand – it’s a live view of what’s happening in your entire network. Who’s posting what, who’s becoming friends with who, etc, all as it happens. Unless you manually remove someone from your feed (just like you always could), you’re seeing all the news that’s fit to print, or something of that sort.

The News Feed is something altogether different, and ultimately it will be the more useful of the two feeds, because it automatically displays the news Facebook thinks is most interesting and relevant to you. How? Facebook isn’t saying, but it’s combination of lots of different factors – how close you are to the person, how many people comment, share, or click “Like” on a piece of content, how close you are to those people, and I’m assuming lots more that we don’t know about.

Hopefully that helps! I’m going to be researching this change in more detail, so please share your questions and thoughts with me.

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