Two Screens: Huffington Post and Livestream

Hey everybody – just a quick Two Screens post, which is where I point out two screenshots that recently caught my eye.

First, I was watching Leo Laporte’s talk at the Online News Association conference and was underwhelmed by the Livestream player. It’s a great service, but I think the player could be easier. Actually, I think this about a lot of video players. Check out the “on-air” and progress boxes on Livesteam’s player. Both are really small and tough to read or understand. Vimeo is the gold standard for me.

Alright, next up is Huffington Post. I was browsing on Tuesday and noticed that the words “Professional SEO” appeared right below my profile photo. I have no idea why, but it looked like the site had been hacked by malware.


AND a bonus screen. This ad for enterprise network services came up and the word survey is spelled “servey.” Not exactly inspiring my trust.


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