Does Our $499 iPad Come at Too High a Cost?

Three workers have died and 15 others are injured after an explosion at the iPad/iPhone factory in Chengdu, China. This has been on my mind all week, and I’m not sure what to say about it, except that it’s true. Maintaining our lifestyle in the US often means that in other countries, people are dyingContinue reading “Does Our $499 iPad Come at Too High a Cost?”

Elections, Video Games, and Achieving an Epic Win

Electing a candidate is the “epic win scenario,” but we need lots of intermediate waypoint “wins” in between now and then to create a culture of engagement that excites supporters more than ever before. The best possible guidance to building the next generation of political engagement and organizing tools is, surprisingly, the world of gaming.

OFA and in 2010 – What Could Have Been

After President Obama was elected in 2008, I had the highest hopes for OFA and They talked a big game about using these organizing tools to help enact the Democratic agenda. And they were right – If Democrats could harness the technology that helped the President’s revolutionary campaign and modify it to work at theContinue reading “OFA and in 2010 – What Could Have Been”

Stuck in Neutral – Why Hasn’t Online Organizing Thrived?

At breakfast with a smart colleague and veteran campaigner recently, I asked him what sounds like a relatively simple question – why hasn’t online organizing thrived? We seem to be stuck in 2007, when online organizing meant gathering as many email addresses as possible and “blasting” supporters as often as they’ll tolerate, always with theContinue reading “Stuck in Neutral – Why Hasn’t Online Organizing Thrived?”