Abandoning GoDaddy for Hover.com, A Partner I Can Support

Like many of my peers, I buy a lot of domain names. As I’ve launched products and sites over the years, finding an available domain is a challenge, and becomes more challenging every year. So when I am thinking about a new project, I’ll usually invest in a few domain names early on, ready andContinue reading “Abandoning GoDaddy for Hover.com, A Partner I Can Support”

Does Your Spending Match Your Values?

Over a lovely Christmas dinner, our family had a long discussion yesterday about the lack of products made in the USA, and how impossible it feels to shop for gifts that help American workers. And indeed, when I look at my Christmas gifts (thanks, family!) I see nearly everything made somewhere else while millions ofContinue reading “Does Your Spending Match Your Values?”

Anonymously Paying Off Kmart Layaway Accounts

People are walking into their local Kmart and anonymously paying off the layaway accounts of people trying to get gifts for Christmas. Many times they are asking about accounts with toys in them to ensure that some kids have gifts under the tree. I heard this story on NPR and am in love with the¬†generosity¬†ofContinue reading “Anonymously Paying Off Kmart Layaway Accounts”

Libraries Become Hacker-spaces

I’m fascinated by this, and love it. Libraries have taken their public mission of bringing people together to learn and extended it to helping people create, which is just plain awesome. As information becomes more digital, public libraries are striving to redefine their roles. A small number are working to create “hackerspaces,” where do-it-yourselfers shareContinue reading “Libraries Become Hacker-spaces”

Foursquare and American Express

I was out for a few drinks on Friday evening and unlocked my first Foursquare/American Express special. The connection between your location, the merchant, and American Express, all facilitated by Foursquare, is incredibly powerful. It reminded me of an idea I pitched to American Express during a long series of job interviews back in 2007,Continue reading “Foursquare and American Express”