World AIDS Day – Get Tested

I didn’t get a chance to post this earlier, but it’s important to me to talk about World AIDS Day and HIV/AIDS in general. Around the world, including here in the US, millions of people are suffering from this horrible disease, and we are far from finding a cure.

I learned some surprising facts last week at a fundraiser for FACT-LV. Most importantly, I learned that two groups of people are most at risk here in the US – young gay men such as myself, and senior citizens. For the latter, they don’t have safe sex because they’re unconcerned about pregnancy. For the former, we think the crisis is over, that it was something that only affected the last generation of gay men.

It’s not true. Young gay men are getting HIV because they’ve stopped worrying about HIV, and we need a kick in the pants to start again. The first step is getting tested, and not being shy about it. I get tested regularly, and I’m proud to say so. I tested negative in November 2011. Do you know your status?

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