Abandoning GoDaddy for Hover.com, A Partner I Can Support

Abandoning GoDaddy for Hover.com, A Partner I Can Support

Like many of my peers, I buy a lot of domain names. As I’ve launched products and sites over the years, finding an available domain is a challenge, and becomes more challenging every year. So when I am thinking about a new project, I’ll usually invest in a few domain names early on, ready and waiting in case I decide to bring the idea to life.

In other words, I’m a domain junkie. I’ve purchased hundreds of domains, and for years GoDaddy has been my go-to dealer for my domain habit. I’d heard the stories about their sexy ads, their founder’s questionable lifestyle and political beliefs, and most recently, their support of SOPA and PIPA, two bills that I believe will contribute to the demise of innovation and the remix culture I value so highly.

So, in keeping with my desire to match my spending with my beliefs, I have been using Hover.com to register domains. Tucows, the owner of the Hover service, actively opposes restrictions on the Internet such as SOPA and PIPA. Plus, it’s SO much easier to use than GoDaddy and doesn’t annoy me with ads, emails, and phone calls.

The link above is a referral, but Hover has not asked me to write this post or compensated me in any way.

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