Hillary’s LGBT Rights Speech Echoes Throughout The World

I have always been a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton, but perhaps never more than today. She has risen above the petty politics in which we’re all mired and brought our attention to ensuring the innate rights we all have as human beings. I can’t get the video embedding to work, but watch it inContinue reading “Hillary’s LGBT Rights Speech Echoes Throughout The World”

Constitution 3.0 – Maintaining Privacy in the Digital World

A little known fact about me is that before I entered the technology world, I studied constitutional law in graduate school. I was and am especially interested in privacy issues, so I’m quite excited to read Constitution 3.0, on how we’ll preserve our freedoms in the digital age. One of the editors, Jeffrey Rosen, wasContinue reading “Constitution 3.0 – Maintaining Privacy in the Digital World”

The Best of Barney Frank

Ryan Lizza has compiled some of Barney Frank’s best comebacks: “I’m serious.” —to Jason Zengerle of New York magazine, after the reporter chuckled when Frank told him his question was “stupid.” “What is this, some kind of idiotic contest? Most interesting? That’s idiotic. Ask me something substantive, and I’ll answer it.” —to Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post,Continue reading “The Best of Barney Frank”