Jon Stewart Goes to Bat for Chinese Foxconn Workers

I’m really glad to see this issue is starting to hit the mainstream. The things that make our lives so privileged often come at too high a cost for those who work in the factories that make them.

2 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Goes to Bat for Chinese Foxconn Workers

  1. I really wonder how much extra it would cost to produce consumer electronics in the Midwest instead of Guangzhou. Even if at first it was just product assembly, with core parts shipped from overseas, like what Subaru/Honda/Toyota currently do, it would be a good first step. Apple is really the best-positioned company to do this. Consumers have proven themselves ready and willing to pay a price premium for their products even when they have identitcal internals and are made by the same Chinese OEMs that manufacture, say, Lenovo or (sadly) Dell products. And Apple has an enormous treasury, so they could stand to slim their profit margin to accomodate US production until it was sufficiently efficient and profitable.


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