Podcast Reco: How to Be Amazing

I’ve been listening to some new podcasts lately, but the one I’m most drawn to has been How To Be Amazing. Host Michael Ian Black is a fantastic interviewer, and he’s getting some superstar guests – people who I want to learn more about. Here are a few of my favorites, starting with queen ofContinue reading “Podcast Reco: How to Be Amazing”

Deleting Facebook and Twitter

A few weeks ago, I did something unthinkable: I took the Facebook and Twitter apps off of my phone. I’m not off of the networks themselves, but my fianc√© and I both decided that it was better not to have constant access to these social networks. Social networks aren’t inherently bad, and in fact IContinue reading “Deleting Facebook and Twitter”

Fantastic Vegetarian Chili for the Fall

Here in Boston, Monday felt like the first truly “fall” day. It was in the high 40s in the morning and reached about 70 in the afternoon. In other words, it was a great day for chili! I decided to try a new vegetarian chili recipe from Cookie and Kate, with a few modifications ofContinue reading “Fantastic Vegetarian Chili for the Fall”

When Do You Do Your Best Work?

I’ve been reading 99U’s book Managing Your Day-to-Day, which has gotten me think more about my own productivity habits, both good and bad. Usually I avoid productivity-focused books and blogs, because I find peak productivity people super annoying. My idea of a good life is not to be productive 24/7, and I tend to thinkContinue reading “When Do You Do Your Best Work?”

You’ll Never Be Perfect, But Always Be Learning

Like a lot of people, I tend to want to be really good at things without practice. The “windowpane” of social media makes everything look simple, and we often don’t see the hard work and toil people are putting behind their success. We don’t usually see the failures, only the successes, which makes success seemContinue reading “You’ll Never Be Perfect, But Always Be Learning”

What I’ve Been Up To: Designing a New Business

Back in 2015, I moved to Boston for a job that ultimately turned out to be a bad fit. My skills, knowledge, and experience were really not a good match for the company I was working with, and we both knew it. As a mid-30s career professional, that was a first for me, and IContinue reading “What I’ve Been Up To: Designing a New Business”

The Best Way To Use Your Cellphone In Italy

Before we¬†traveled to Italy for the first time, I did a lot of research on how to use my cell phone. I had a vague notion that I wanted to use Google Maps (not always a great idea, but a post for another day) and Google Translate as a backup for my own nascent ItalianContinue reading “The Best Way To Use Your Cellphone In Italy”