A Short Post on Kurt Vonnegut’s Passing

When Kurt Vonnegut passed away last week, I was in the midst of traveling up the coast to Bethlehem and then New York. I wanted to reflect on it a bit, but still haven’t had the time. I do wish I had the time for proper reflection, because I remember well Vonnegut’s speech at graduationContinue reading “A Short Post on Kurt Vonnegut’s Passing”

Ways to Foil International Diplomacy

One way to foil international diplomacy? Stop reading your mail: Case in point: One the night of January 25, 1995, Boris Yeltsin found himself dusting off the old Cold War-era nuclear command briefcase when an early warning radar station detected a missile rising out of the Norwegian Sea and heading for Russia. Several tense, finger-on-the-triggerContinue reading “Ways to Foil International Diplomacy”

Dramatic Imagery, Part 2…

Following up on this post about dramatic photography, I noticed that Kottke has written about the famous photograph “Migrant Mother.” It too is part fiction – the mother pictured was not a recent migrant in 1935, but had instead been living in California for nearly 10 years. (Also, I have a weird deja vu feelingContinue reading “Dramatic Imagery, Part 2…”

Media Ownership: Who Owns What…Right Now and Next Year

Mark Potts found a great list of who owns the top 20 newspapers in the country. 1. USA Today … Gannett Co. 2. The Wall Street Journal … Dow Jones & Co. 3. The New York Times … New York Times Co. 4. Los Angeles Times … Tribune Co. 5. New York Post … NewsContinue reading “Media Ownership: Who Owns What…Right Now and Next Year”