QuickConsult Contest – Win Free Consulting!

A few weeks ago, I announced a little sideline called QuickConsult, which is designed to provide you with specific, actionable recommendations to improve your website or app. I’m excited about the opportunity to help more companies/organizations than ever and the first few that I’ve done have gone great! To spread the word, I’m holding aContinue reading “QuickConsult Contest – Win Free Consulting!”

The Importance of Invitations in our Social World

As most friends know, I’m a stickler about invitations. I rarely arrive anywhere uninvited or assume I’m invited just because my friends are. Turns out I’m not alone, and invitations are an important social signal to connect events with physical attendance: Plancast and other social event sharing applications are rooted in an idealistic notion that peopleContinue reading “The Importance of Invitations in our Social World”

Path’s Homepage and Lack of Respect for Users

I love Path’s homepage: But that doesn’t make me less concerned about their lack of respect for user privacy. David Jacobs, a fellow with the Electronic Privacy Information Center, noted that, once again, an Internet company showed a lack of understanding about the consequences of taking data. Lawyers I spoke with said that my address bookContinue reading “Path’s Homepage and Lack of Respect for Users”

Sorry Firefox, I’m Going Back to Chrome

One of my goals this year was to support the Mozilla Foundation by switching back to Firefox. I believe that the future of a free and open internet depends on a diversity of tools, software, etc – Firefox and WordPress are two great examples of that. So I switched to Firefox and ditched Chrome forContinue reading “Sorry Firefox, I’m Going Back to Chrome”

Incidentally… (On Euphemisms)

I’m a sucker for explorations of language, so this Economist column made me happy: In the upper reaches of the British establishment, euphemism is a fine art, one that new arrivals need to master quickly. “Other Whitehall agencies” or “our friends over the river” means the intelligence services (American spooks often say they “work forContinue reading “Incidentally… (On Euphemisms)”

Debunking That Stupid Federal/Household Budget Graphic

If you’ve been on Facebook/Twitter/The Internet lately, you’ve likely seen this graphic, which purports to make it easy to understand why the US is in fiscal trouble. Of course, that graphic doesn’t tell the whole story, and is, quite frankly, idiotic. But I’ll continue the metaphor since people love thinking this is so simple. AContinue reading “Debunking That Stupid Federal/Household Budget Graphic”