When Do You Do Your Best Work?

I’ve been reading 99U’s book Managing Your Day-to-Day, which has gotten me think more about my own productivity habits, both good and bad. Usually I avoid productivity-focused books and blogs, because I find peak productivity people super annoying. My idea of a good life is not to be productive 24/7, and I tend to thinkContinue reading “When Do You Do Your Best Work?”

You’ll Never Be Perfect, But Always Be Learning

Like a lot of people, I tend to want to be really good at things without practice. The “windowpane” of social media makes everything look simple, and we often don’t see the hard work and toil people are putting behind their success. We don’t usually see the failures, only the successes, which makes success seemContinue reading “You’ll Never Be Perfect, But Always Be Learning”

What I’ve Been Up To: Designing a New Business

Back in 2015, I moved to Boston for a job that ultimately turned out to be a bad fit. My skills, knowledge, and experience were really not a good match for the company I was working with, and we both knew it. As a mid-30s career professional, that was a first for me, and IContinue reading “What I’ve Been Up To: Designing a New Business”